By Byron Spice

Carnegie Mellon University will turn its campus into a living laboratory for a Google-funded, multi-university expedition to create a robust platform that will enable Internet-connected sensors, gadget...
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GIoTTO makes CMU a living lab for Internet of Things
By Laurie Bailey

There’s a Renaissance going on at Carnegie Mellon University right now. A $500,000 Google-funded project led by a team of CMU tech experts will turn the campus into a “living lab,” creating a platform to allow Internet-connected sensors, devices and buildings to communicate...
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Saturated sensors! A ‘living lab’ for Internet of Things
By Alun Williams

The Internet of Things is coming alive. Sort of. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh is planning to turn its campus into a so-called living lab. It’s going to saturate its campus with sensors! Funded by Google as part of a multi-university plan, it aims...
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Carnegie Mellon to form "living lab" of internet of things through Google initiative
By Heidi Hoopes

When Google proposed its Open Web of Things initiative last December, it was seeking to increase interoperability, security, and an elegant user interface in the global movement towards connected smart devices. The company has awarded...
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Carnegie Mellon To Lead Internet of Things Expedition
By Leila Meyer

Google has selected Carnegie Mellon University to lead a multi-university project to create new technology for the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things involves adding sensors and network connectivity to everyday objects so people and other devices can...
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CMU experiment aspires to make Pittsburgh world’s first ‘smart city’
By Deborah M. Todd

Pittsburgh residents who dream of the day that the region’s bridges and roads can talk to their Internet-connected cars to plot the best pathway around potholes should be willing guinea pigs in Carnegie Mellon University’s latest experiment. After claiming the title of the world’s first university with an integrated computer network in the 1980s, CMU is now gunning for the designation as frontier for...
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For the "Internet of Things" to thrive, all it needs is for all devices to get along—which is currently wishful thinking. Last week, however, Google announced a partnership with Carnegie-Mellon University, which is leading a collaboration of faculty from several other academic institutions on a project to...
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With Google funding, CMU turning campus, Pittsburgh into Internet of Things testbed
By Justine Coyne

Google Inc. is providing Carnegie Mellon University funding to turn its campus, and the surrounding city, into a living laboratory to develop and test new technology for the Internet of Things. CMU researchers will work with colleagues at Cornell, Stanford, Illinois and Google to create GIoTTO, a new platform to...
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Will Pittsburgh become a global IoT capital?
By Chris Nehls

Google will turn the campus of Carnegie Mellon University into a massive test bed for Internet-connected devices, and what engineers and computer scientists learn in the process may transform the entire city of Pittsburgh into an Internet-of-Things haven, or IoT. This month, the company announced it will provide...
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Watch this open-source program recognize faces in real time
By Lauren Hockenson

Companies are making rapid process in facial recognition technology, developing hardware and software capable of distinguishing faces, emotions and movements in realtime. But all of that work is proprietary — how does the Open Source community keep up? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have...
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